Blockchain Lab is an initiative of Das Crypto to provide free information on all the blockchain-related topics.

The articles are written by experts in collaboration with Large Language Models which enhances the speed, tone and accuracy of information. No article is published without being reviewed by experts.

List of Authors

1. Dhirendra Chandra Das

Dhirendra has spent more than 5 years in the field of cryptocurrency since 2018 when he first started Litecoin Mining. He has an MBA in Finance and Marketing which establishes his domain authority.

Dhirendra has also worked as a Stock Market Trader and Investor since 24 September 2015. He is an active options trader.

In Web3, Dhirendra has written thousands of deep insight articles, researches, investigative journals, newsletter and other forms of writing for several Web3 companies including:

  • Voice of Crypto
  • Das Crypto
  • Droom Droom
  • Das Finance
  • The Layer
  • Block Magnates
  • Blockchain Lab
  • Guerillabuzz

He started his career first as a crypto content writer and soon assumed the role of a Crypto Journalist in CoinCodeCap. He then became the SEO there in 2022. By the time he left working for CoinCodeCap, he already was working as a News Editor for the website.

Then his journey took him towards, a website dedicated to drive Web3 adoption. Unfortunately, it has to be soon shut down as a result of Crypto Winter in 2022.

Dhirendra then started working for his own project, which combines the best elements of content, SEO and his domain expertise in crypto to rank articles on Google where even top website lag behind. This helped him rank several Web3 websites on Google #1.

For, Voice of Crypto, Dhirendra has been working there since 2022.

In Dec 2023, he undertook Droom Droom as a part of his SEO profession.